Sunday, February 7, 2021

Craft Room Tour. Altenew Storage.


Craft Room Makeover

I have been working on this makeover for a number of years. It started with wanting a better way to store my Stamp’in Up! ink, refills and markers. I made something out of the foam core board and then continued on, improving on other things.

Foam board storage for Ink, refill and marker storage.

 I stopped buying Stamp’in Up! products, and being a demonstrator.  I watched many You-Tube videos on cabinet building, and decided to give building cabinets a try, since the little cube storage I had purchased at Michaels was just not working.

Micheals storage cubes that were just not working.

Drawers added before the front s were installed.

This wall of cabinetry was put in when we built our home. The cabinet builder made the drawers that have the fronts on them in this photo very small and short in length. Not very much fit in them.

I wanted a place to make the paper look better, and I had seen many pictures of paper storage that I liked. Having color visible was very appealing. I then built the paper storage, and then I unleashed quite the project. After figuring out that I loved drawers for the storage of my crafting supplies, that's where I started. I made two more sets of cabinets with all drawers.

I glimpse of the drawer fronts.

Set of cabinets under the window before countertops.
And cabinet before I changed the drawers.

After making a place for the ink, markers and storage on the shelf. It ended up taking up too much space, and I discovered a whole world on other companies that I loved. Altenew is one of these companies. And they have made their way front and center in my craft space.

In this photo to the left, I have removed the smaller side of paper storage shelves and I have collected stamps and placed them into clear storage containers. The Altenew stamps are typically found at my desk. But I can also look through them and just pick out what I want to bring to my desk, or add it to my bin of things I want to work on.

My dies, stencils, and  embossing folders are kept in this drawer.

Washi tape has found it's way into these cute glass storage jars.

            Altenew has some of the best and prettiest Washi tape I have used.

Finished wall of cabinetry under the window. 

This drawer is my most recent to fill. My Christmas gift this year was some of the Altenew alcohol markers and the refills.

This drawer has my mini Altenew nini ink cubes as well as some distress mini inks cubes.

This set of cabinets is where it all started. And as you can tell, I am changing again. The big drawer on the bottom on the left has been turned into two. And I need to make the drawer fronts for them. I also changed the original drawers. They are now flush with the cabinets on the outside and the useable drawer space is much better. They also have new drawer and door fronts that match all the rest.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour, and have found some ways to help you in your crafting.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you can make today AMAZING!

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